We’ve found that less than two percent of churches have the resources to accommodate the first-time visitor. If there are hundreds of residents in your area who don’t attend the church, but they need to, then why wouldn’t God bring people in your direction? Maybe you’re not ready for a new guest?

God Always Help All His Churches People

Create a church that is growing. While we’re certain that the members of your church warm and welcoming. And you delighted to welcome visitors at your next gathering However. We’ve found that many new visitors leave and never return due to boredom or confused, and then asked to perform some tasks they didn’t feel comfortable doing. We’ll show you how to improve that, without having to change one percent of your liturgy and culture, or even your DNA, or the things that make your church unique to all that is currently attending.

Increase: Thousands of people from your neighborhood are seeking to satisfy a desire in their lives. They’re just not aware that the Church can provide the answer to each desire they have. Three tools can be used within your church which ensure a steady flow people who are new in your parish. It is amazing that our retention rates are astounding. The members keep coming back to become members.

Expand: New members are joining your church due to your felt need from Step Two. Do you have the solution to meet the need they feel? We’ll show you how you can grow smaller groups as well as ministry (with volunteer helpers) in order to satisfy the requirements of all who visit. It’s fascinating how once we have solutions to meet the needs of others, God starts sending more people.

Not Today Satan

If you’re a Christian you’ve sinned to sin, yet sin is to be alive and well within your soul! You are aware of the repercussions of the sins within your own daily life. It is present and evident to you. You devoted to Christ, but you find yourself tempted to sin. You are a believer in Christ, but you afflicted with numerous fears. Our goal is to live a full and abundant life to the glory of God and enjoy eternal life with Him. So, as human beings How do we combat the sins of our past?

There are many opportunities to participate in Community with worship services, Bible studies small groups, helping and much more! The community family staff, volunteers and volunteers are available to answer any questions you may have. Make you feel comfortable and assist you in getting connected.

Fostering Our Churches Faith

At Community We dedicated to fostering our faith by engaging in individual and groups Bible Study, support groups and prayer. This allows us to stay faithful to Jesus’s teachings, enables us to serve others, and also provides an opportunity for healing.

By investing in others, we are able to show God’s love by serving others the way Jesus did. It demonstrates our faith, helps meet the needs of the people of God, and helps us honor God by our actions.

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